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November 04, 2007

November's Handbag Of The Month: A 50's Original

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Img_1400bNovember's Handbag Of The Month comes from my own mother's closet.

She's been keeping track of my Handbag of the Month choices and last week after I told her I was having trouble finding one for November---you'd be surprised how many women turn me down---she said, "I've got a handbag of the month for you."

The next thing I knew, she'd brought over this elegant little black bag she's owned since the fifties.  She bought it at the Brooklyn department store, Martin's which in those days was Brooklyn's version of Bloomingdale's or Neiman Marcus.

The bag is constructed of smooth black leather and it has this neat horizontal bow accent across the top.  The inside of the bag is brown and black, and trimmed with gold braid.  The label says "Made In Canada for Martin's."

Mom only used the bag on very special occasions, so it's in great condition.  And she better watch out 'cause I may be "borrowing" it from her any day now.

I remember going to Martin's with my mother as a kid and thinking it was such a magical place.  All the glitzy jewelry counters so beautifully lit, the fancy clothes and the beautiful handbags.  It was an expensive store and we only went there if we needed something for a special event.  Mom said she bought this bag to wear to a dinner party in Manhattan, and that was when going into Manhattan for a Brooklyn girl was a very big deal.

So, Mom's "50's Original" is Megan's November Handbag Of The Month.  Congratulations Mom.



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