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October 24, 2007

"Damages" Recap - Episode 13: Because I Know Patty

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Damagesep1120761In honor of the "Damages" finale, this is a special live blog of the finale of "Damages" as it happens.  I'm losing sleep over this guys, so I hope you enjoy it.

We start this final episode the same way we started the first episode.  The operatic music cut with the stylized shots of New York and the ringing of the elevator bell as we cut to the entrance of Patty's apartment building.

Ellen listens to David's message about the videotape.

Ellen's attacker opens the door with a key and lures Corey out to the patio with a treat.  This guy's well-dressed and doesn't look like Scruffy the Killer's accomplice, but okay.

He's looking for something but what?  Corey starts barking and Ellen gets up.  She fights with the attacker and he falls on the knife.  She runs out.

Scruffy the Killer is sitting outside with...his accomplice!  The elevator bell rings and there's bloody Ellen running out.  Right past Scruffy the Killer and the accomplice.   The accomplice gets back in the car and as they recognize Ellen, they beat it out of there.

So if it wasn't Scruffy's accomplice, who was Ellen's attacker?

What do you want to bet he has something to do with Devil Child "Don't Tell My Mom I Was Here" Michael?

Ellen goes to her apartment only to find David.  She climbs out the window when the police knock at the door and...she's in jail.

They repeat the scene with Hollis Nye where the cops find out who she is.  The new scene that's added is we see Nye calling someone and saying they have a problem because the police came to talk to him about Ellen.

Flash forward ten days later.  Ellen's being watched by a guy in a car.  She's at her Mom's house with a man and a woman I assume are friends.  Her Mom baked cookies.  Ellen sees that as ironic.  So do I.

Ellen tells her friends she doesn't know who attacked her, but Patty's representing her.  They ask is she's going to David's funeral, but Ellen can't leave town.  Plus David's family might have a problem with his accused killer attending.  Ya think?

Opening credits.  I finally looked up the opening credits song.  It's called, "When I Am Through With You" and it's by VLA, a local LA band.

Patty's in the freaky glasses driving to the cemetery.  She asks a cemetery worker directions and tells him it's been 35 years since she's been there.  She goes to that same head stone.  We still don't know what's on it.

Three days later she's back at her apartment with hubby Phil, pacing around, unable to go to bed.

The next day she's back at the office.  First there's a meeting with the DEs and they want to know if Fiske's suicide will affect their case.  Marshall Phillips will take over for Fiske but the suicide should not affect the case at all.  Tommyhawk tells the DEs there's been no other offer since the $500 million.

Uncle Pete shows Patty into her remodeled, Fiske-free office.  She glances around until finally she looks at the wall where Fiske ended up.  She almost expects to see him there, and so do I. He's not though and she and I are both relieved.

Patty meets with the DA and Hollis Nye.  She's trying to get the charges against Ellen dropped.  There was blood found in Patty's apartment and on Ellen's clothes which Patty says proves Ellen was attacked.  Patty does a full court press on the DA, threatening a publicity blitz that will throw him out of office if he doesn't reopen the crime scene.  So he does.  Patty informs Ellen and then asks her again if the tape is safe.  Ellen says it's safe.

Nye is meeting in a car with the two guys that were watching Ellen. He tells them Ellen dumped him for Patty and Patty got the DA to reopen the murder investigation.

Scruffy the Killer is meeting with Frobisher in a stairwell.  Frobisher wants to know if David's murder can be traced back to him.  Scruffy says no.   He also says maybe Patty doesn't have the tape.  Frobisher is pissed things have spun so far out of control

The cops, Patty and Ellen go to Ellen's apartment.  The cops want Ellen to point out anything that's out of place.  Anything that didn't belong to her or David.  We go by a table and it has a red flashlight on it.

Outside the buliding Scruffy is watching the police. We flashback to Scruffy searching the apartment after kiilling David and leaving a flashlight on the table.   We cut back to him crossing the street. Then to the apartment's clean bathroom and Ellen looking around.

Then Scruffy walks in the front door of Ellen's apartment.  What the...?  That's ballsy!

He picks up the red flashlight and one of the cops comes up behind him.

"Excuse me..."

I'm thinking he's busted, and then...they know each other!  He's a detective!  Scruffy the Killer is a freakin' detective! He even has the nerve to tell Ellen he's sorry for her loss.  You scum-sucking, freakin', judas, detective killer!

That was really good.

Now that I've got my breath back after the commercial break we flashback to May 24, 1972.  We're in a hospital and a doctor is talking to Patricia, saying he's sorry.  Terribly sorry.

Flash forward to Patty at the head stone looking sad.  Obviously the head stone belongs to whoever died that day.

Cut to Frobisher and Larry meeting together.  Frobisher is pissed that Larry doesn't have any info for him.  Especially any info about a videotape.  Larry doesn't have a clue and Frobisher takes out his frustrations on Larry telling him he's been useless and he's not paying him a dime.  Larry's like, I don't need you anymore, jerk.

Well my, how did we go from that warm-hearted, blue collar, our fathers could have been brothers bonding to this?   I think the relationship is broken beyond repair.

Frobisher's at his apartment with Marshall.  Marshall thinks Art's hiding something.  You know Marshall, a blind man with no law degree could tell Art's hiding something.  Marshall wants to know why the case hasn't settled.  As answer, Frobisher gives Marshall the pictures of Ray with One Night Stand Greg.  Frobisher says Ray brought Greg to Florida, and Greg was a sleaze who strung Ray along.

Look who's calling who a sleaze.

Anyway he tells Marshall, Greg made a videotape with all kinds of lies about what happened in Florida.  Marshall's like, now that you mention it, what did happen in Florida?

Flashback to Florida 2002.  Grandpa George is bitching to Ray Fiske and Frobisher in his limo about Katie seeing him at the condo. Frobisher says he'll take care of it.  Grandpa then gives all the SEC info to Frobisher and tells him the government has evidence he artificially boosted profits and they're coming after his butt.  Turns out Grandpa has known Frobisher forty years.  I guess that didn't mean much to Frobisher when he had him killed.

Flash forward to Frobisher telling Marshall nothing happened in Florida.  Marshall asks about the tape and Frobisher says he doesn't know who's seen it or who has it.  Marshall suggests having the judge rule on the case now and if Patty has the tape, she'll have to present it.  Otherwise he thinks the judge will dismiss the case for lack of evidence.

Marshall goes to Patty and tells her what he's going to do.  Patty says, "We're going to trial."  Now I guess it's up to the judge.

After Marshall leaves, Patty tells Tommyhawk Marshall's desperate. She then tells Ellen she needs the tape or they might lose the case if the judge rules against them.  Ellen's like, ain't that too bad.  Get me off the hook first Patty.  That's our deal.  Go back to the DA and make it happen.

Frobisher's with Biff on the land he wants to develop.  Biff wants to know if he can live with Dad instead of moving with Mom and Bitsie out west.  Frobisher's like I gotta focus on "making things right."  Whatever that means.  He then actually admits he made a mistake.  When the kid asks what mistake, Frobisher says, "I trusted too many people."  Oh yeah, Art.  That was the source of all your problems.  That stealing billions from your employees and having people killed had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Patty's with the DA and proposes cutting the bullsh*t and getting down to business.

Cut to Patty meeting Ellen sitting on someone's steps---I have no clue where, but it's in New York City. 

Patty smiles broadly and says, "You're a free woman.  They'll be a press conference later today.  You can go to David's funeral now."

Ellen thanks her, Patty says you're welcome.  Now, where's the tape? 

Ellen says, "I don't have it."  What?! 

Patty's like, you told me that you had it.  Ellen's like, "I told you it was safe."  See Patty, it's all in the details.

Cut to someone carrying a box in what looks like a police holding room for evidence.  Tommyhawk gets the box and opens it.  He's told he's got five minutes.  Tom reaches in the box and takes out...the murder weapon!  The ugly Statue of Liberty bookend.   Prying open the bottom, he reaches inside and pulls out the videotape.  And the wedding bands.  Sniff, sniff.   Another big wow!

I have to catch my breath during the commercials, again.

I don't know if I can take anymore shocks or surprises.

We're back.  Arthur Frobisher is eating dinner alone in his massive penthouse apartment listening to classical music and there's a knock on the door.  Hereeeeeee's Patty!  Is this another one of those sex fantasies off his?  I hope not.  When Patty holds up a DVD, I know it's not.  Unless of course it's a porno film.

Nope, turns out it's a DVD copy of the tape.  Patty and Frobisher watch as poor One Night Stand Greg tells the whole sordid story.  Frobisher turns it off before it's over.  Frobisher says, "Tell me what you want."

Patty's like, she can turn the tape over to the Feds and Frobisher will go to jail.  When he gets out, she'll still be waiting to sue his butt.  The other alternative, Frobisher can settle now for her price and the tape goes away.  For good.  She'll even sign a non disclosure agreement. None of her evidence will ever come to light.  He has until the end of the tomorrow to make a decision.

Frobisher:  "You really enjoy this don't you?"

Patty:  "It's my job."

Frobisher:  "Why do you hate me so much?"

Patty turns and walks away. 

Could it be that Patty was related to that girl from Arlington?  Or knew her?  Hmmm.

Cut to Phil and Devil Child Michael in their kitchen.  Hubby Phil says Ellen saw Michael and told them about it.  Michael says he came back to the apartment for his laptop.  Phil wants to know why he's lying .

Michael's like, isn't that what we all do?  The kid's got a point.

Marshall's going over how Frobisher will need to liquidate his assets if he settles for the amount Patty proposed.   He'll have to sell at least 93% of his assets.  Marshall tries to convince Frobisher they can still win, but all Frobisher cares about is keeping the land he wants to develop and getting the whole damn thing over.  He tells Marshall, "Pay her."

Marshall visits Patty in her office.  She asks what sign he is.  Just like with Martin Cutler in the first episode.  Heh.  Marshall has an offer, but he emphasizes all evidence must disappear.  He passes Patty a piece of paper.  She says, "Tell him we accept."

In closing, Marshall asks Patty if she knew his father.  "I never liked him," she says.

"He never liked you.  He always thought your cases had a stink to them."

Patty holds out her hand, "Good to see you Marshall."  They shake and it's done.

Patty's giving a pep talk to the DEs and after, they bring out the champagne, music and party.  The settlement, how much?  I want to know.

Patty calls Larry away from the party to meet in her office.  Once there, Larry sees several other DEs who tell him he has to withdraw from the settlement or he's going to jail for spilling secrets to Frobisher.  How much is....$2 billion!!!  Another wow!

Larry's like, what am I gonna do now?  I lost everything.  I thought I made amends.  Well, evidently not.  I kinda feel sorry for him.  After all he is an old guy and Frobisher did sucker him in.  But the DEs aren't interested in what I think and Larry is out.

Patty then goes to get Ellen and calls her in.  This time there are no DEs.  Just her and Ellen.  They toast to her "first victory as an attorney."  Patty wants to know what her plans are.  She offers Ellen her old job back.  Ellen thanks her for the drink and leaves.  That's right Ellen, keep her guessing.

Hollis Nye accosts Ellen on the street and puts her in the car with the two guys who were following her.  "They know what you did Ellen," says Nye.

Turns out the two guys are FBI.  Okay so Nye's not a bad guy, but he's not trustworthy either.

The FBI has pictures of Ellen leaving HH after Ray Fiske killed himself.  They've been investigating Patty, even before the Frobisher case and they want Ellen to spill what she knows.  "You talk to us, maybe we overlook what you were doing there that night."

Ellen's like, my fiance was just killed and you're investigating Patty Hewes?   I laugh in the face of your so-called leverage.  See ya.  She gets out of the car.


We're at David's funeral and Ellen's there.  So is Katie.  The priest blesses poor, dead David and everyone mourns.  Ellen and Katie exchange a glance then look away.  When everyone's gone, Ellen stands next to David's coffin.  Katie comes over and says she' been trying to forgive her.   Ellen says she doesn't have to because it's all her fault and Katie says no, it's really all her fault and they come to an understanding.

Ellen's sorry about the fight with David and she knows he was right about everything.  She thanks Katie for letting her be there.  Katie says David would have wanted her there.

After Katie leaves, Ellen sits down by the side of the coffin and leans her head against it.  We cut to a long shot of her and the coffin, flowers all around.  Nicely done.

Patty walks into the DA's office and...hands him the tape!  That's so Patty.  She reminds him he didn't get it from her, and he needs to hold it until the next election.  Her goal?  When the tape comes out there'll be more lawsuits against Frobisher and he'll lose whatever's left of his fortune and he will then go to jail.

Frobisher's once again looking at that land he wants to develop.

He's standing there by himself for a while and I'm waiting for someone to shoot his ass.  Sure enough, Larry obliges.

"Now you don't owe me nothin,'" he says as he walks away.

Frobisher collapses.  Awesome.

Tommyhawk is walking with Ellen on the street.  Tom is saying there's no evidence about David's death they can pin on Frobisher.

Ellen tells Tom, he must have gotten a nice chunk of change from the settlement now that he's a partner.  She suggests he enjoy his money.  Ellen then asks Tom if he ever found out where Patty went when she left town.  Tom says all he told her was she was "visiting family."

Flashback two weeks earlier.  Patty's at the beach house in the chair by the beach and she puts down her cell phone.  Now is when she has her freak out.  Then she's driving her car.   Then she's at the head stone. 

Flash further back to the doctor who says, "You had a little girl.  She died before delivery.  Is there a name you'd like on the certificate?"

Flash forward to Patty wiping off the head stone.  It reads, "Julia Hewes.  May 24 1972."

Flash further forward to Patty at the beach house standing on her boat dock looking at the water.  Ellen joins her at Patty's request.  Patty then does this whole speech about how she very much regrets what they did.   She's sorry and she wants Ellen to forgive her and to come back to work.  She's ashamed but she wants a second chance. 

Ellen says she's going away for a while.  Without David, she doesn't have a reason to be anywhere.  "I don't believe in the law anymore.  But I believe in justice, so I'll come work for you again.  On one condition.  Let me use the firm's resources to prove that Frobisher had David killed."

It's a deal.  Patty thanks her and Ellen says you're welcome.

This is all a little too civilized to be true I'm thinkin'.

Flashback to Ellen leaving Nye and the FBI guys in the limo.  She gets out, looks around, then gets back in the car.  And the wow moments keep coming.

She asks what the FBI are trying to get Patty on.  Fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice. Ellen agrees when one FBI guy suggests she might have her own reasons for taking down Ms. Hewes. 

Flashback to the "Do your regret what we did" scene.  What the...?

Cut to Patty's car leaving for the beach house.

Cut to Ellen going back inside.

Cut to Patty at the beach house.

Cut to Uncle Pete letting Ellen's attacker in Patty's apartment building.

Cut to Uncle Pete in the lobby leaving and telling someone on his cellphone, "It's done!"

Who's on the phone?


She hangs up.

Cut to Ellen being attacked.

Cut to Patty's freak out

Cut to the apartment being cleaned up.

Cut back to Patty's freak out.

Cut to Ellen telling the FBI, "She tried to kill me." 

They want to know how she knows that.

"Because I know Patty."

Cut to Patty on the boat dock, "See you Monday."

Cut to the FBI, "You'll be working for us."

Cut to Ellen walking away from Patty on the boat dock.   Ellen in the foreground, Patty in the background.

And James Brown singing, "Got to pay back!  Revenge!"

Wow!  WOW!!!

I know I went crazy with the exclamation points, but I think they were all justified.

What an awesome episode!

I'm going to bed now.


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