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September 19, 2007

Sherri Shepherd Knows The Earth Is Round

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32364073Stop the presses.  Sherri Shepherd the new co-host on "The View" knows the earth is round.  She made that clear on this morning's show.

Why would we think otherwise?  Because yesterday during a discussion on religion, science and evolution, Sherri said she did not believe in evolution, and when Whoopi Goldberg tried to make a point about believing in scientific facts like the earth being round, Sherri came off as sounding like she didn't know if the earth was round.

Did she come out and say she believed the earth was flat as a pancake?  No.  It was a sin of omission because we kept expecting her to say, of course she knew the earth was round, but she got so caught up in the religion/evolution thing, she left out that little important detail.

Today, she admitted she was nervous trying to keep track of what she was saying and didn't get how weird she sounded.  So she knows the earth is round.  We can all rest easy.

This was a day for clarifications.  The first order of business was Whoopi explaining the whole Barry Manilow "controversy."  People, we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel when we have a "Barry Manilow controversy."  Anyway, Whoopi explained that Barry's people said he would only do the show if he didn't have to sit with, talk to, or in any way breathe the same air as Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie, partners in executive producing at "The View," told Barry to take a hike.   You talk with one, you talk with everyone.

And this may be late in coming but Elisabeth cleared up the Alicia Silverstone controversy.  You remember.  After the smackdown, the press ran with the "Alicia dissed Elisabeth" story.   Well Elisabeth said that's not what happened, Alicia was very nice and said she didn't mean to accidentally diss her.  She was just so flustered by the big fight, she didn't know what to do.

On a much more serious note, the gabby girls discussed the Jena Six situation down in LA.  You can read more about the case here, and an interesting local editorial here.

This is an excerpt from the editorial in the Shreveport Times:

"The school administration in Jena botched the handling of school-yard segregation that led to campus unrest and eventually erupted into a beating of a white student and the arrest of six black students. That led to more bungling by the local criminal justice system that lost proportion in initially pursuing charges of attempted murder and then compounded the error by trying one black defendant before an all-white jury. He faced 15 years in prison until an appellate court ruled that he shouldn't have been tried as an adult.

Compare this treatment to the fact that three white students accused of hanging nooses were given in-school suspensions, though the vandalism on school property surely constituted a hate crime."

With the addition of Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd, "The View" benefits by having two black women on the panel who can bring a unique perspective to an issue like this.

Say what you want about Star Jones, but that point of view has been sorely lacking on the show since she left.  I for one am glad that's now been rectified.


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