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September 24, 2007

Going For The Goal: A Bebe Flared Trench

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Trench_coatI'm throwing down the gauntlet and if a year from now, I haven't taken it up and run with it, I'm going to look awfully foolish.

Let me start at the beginning.

I have a special fondness for trench coats.  Especially if they are stylish and break away from the plain old beige number that's been the rainy day uniform in the business world for years.  A couple of weeks ago "The View" did a fashion show and it included the trench coat pictured to the left from Bebe.  It was in this spectatular red color, had a flared bottom and was positively beautiful.

I fantasized about wearing that coat with its pretty flared skirt, in that beautiful red color that would show off my skin tone to perfection.  But alas I put it out of my mind because it was from Bebe, the specialty store for the XXS woman.

I've never shopped at Bebe.  Bebe is a whole other universe as far as a woman of my plus size dimensions is concerned.  As far as I knew Bebe clothes consisted primarily of spandex mini dresses and tops ranging in sizes from S to XXS with the odd M and L thrown in.  One of those stores that a woman of my size 22 would never walk into without expecting a snooty saleswoman asking skeptically if "she could find my size."

No sooner had a I forgotten about the coat than two days later Barbara Walters comes out wearing it on "The View!"

She wore it as a dress over some black pants and I took it as a personal insult.  Not because she looked so bad, but because even at her advanced age she could wear that XXS size.  I was now obssessed with that coat.  I wanted it and I wanted it now.  But how to fit that XXS coat on my XXL body?

Then I had a flash of brilliance.  If I couldn't wear it, I could live vicariously through someone who could.  My friend Kay has lost quite a bit of weight over the last year and she looks fabulous and feels great.  She just told me last week how she was now fitting into a standard L and how much that pleased her.  She could wear the coat for me!

So into the breach I went, stepping confidently into my nearest Bebe store.  Instead of the snooty saleswoman I was expecting I was helped by a very nice pencil thin, young man who directed me to the trench coats.  "The View" must be a good trench coat seller because there were no red ones left but there was a beautiful deep purple in a size L.  I grabbed it before anyone else could and for good measure I grabbed three of the other trench coat styles in a variety of colors and bought them all.

After work I burst into Kay's house with those golden bronze Bebe bags and she was like, you bought something at Bebe?  What could you have possibly bought at the specialty store for XXS women?

As an answer I whipped out all four trench coats and made her try them all on.  They all fit and looked wonderful on her newly svelte body, expecially my favorite, the purple flared version.  I had planned to give her whichever one she liked the best as a congratulations for doing so well with her weight loss, but she wasn't having it.  She agreed they were quite beautiful but protested she had nowhere to wear them.

Then she came up with the idea I'd had in the back of my mind all along.  She saw how much I loved the purple coat and she said if I wanted to keep it, she would wear it this fall and I could wear it next fall.

I had to admit, that had been in my mind all along.  One reason was Kay and I have similar builds.  If the coat looked good on her now, by next fall, minus several pounds it would look good on me as well.  The coat could be my incentive to, as Dr. Phil would say, get real.

So we made an agreement.  She'd wear the coat at least three times this fall and then she'd give it back to me over the winter so I had a visual weight loss goal hanging in my closet.

I've needed and wanted to lose weight for quite some time now but when the going gets tough I tend to cave.  I won't go into my historical challenges trying to lose weight or my seesawing pounds over the years, but I will say as I've gotten older the realization that I have to do something has become perfectly clear.

However I refuse to make this blog about weight loss because I get sick of reading about diets and weight loss and everyone has to eventually do it in his or her own way.  I will say I'm going to see a nutrionist to help out and I will give periodic updates of my progress. At the end of a year, say September 30, 2008, I hearby pledge to post a picture of myself wearing that purple trench coat.

Game on.


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