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July 30, 2007

Am I The Only One Who...?

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Am I the only one who...

Thinks the movie "Ratatouille" is a waste of ten bucks?  First of all I've got a problem with rats animated or otherwise, and even more so when those animated rats are handling food in a restaurant.  I saw it with Lucy and the Vacaby kids, Milos and Cara so in that respect it wasn't a waste 'cause I got to spend time with them, but as a movie "Rata-phooey" is too long, not very funny and though the Pixar animation is fabulous as always, ultimately boring.

And before you say, oh it's because you're an adult and the movie is for children, I gotta tell you, half way through the movie, four year old Cara turned to me and said, "This is boring.  I don't like it." Well that's all I needed. "I'm right with you girlfriend," I thought as I grabbed her little hand and we bolted outta there faster than you could say, "C'est la vie."   We took a tour of the local CVS, hung out at the bagel store and by the time we came back, the rat movie was over.

Milos who's six loved it, but Lucy was underwhelmed.

I mentioned to a couple of co-workers that I didn't like the movie and you would have thought I suggested puppies and kittens be drowned everday at dawn.  Every adult within earshot proclaimed their adoration of the animated rats and how they thought the movie was sweet, cute and heartwarming.  There's no accounting for taste.

So add "Ratatouille" to the "Everyone But Megan Loved This" list.  Other items on that list?  The Broadway musicals "Les Miserables" and "Wicked," the television shows "Friends" and "ER," and the movies "Mary Poppins" and "ET."  That list has plenty of other items on it, but I'll save those for another fascinating post.


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