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April 09, 2007

Daisy Of The Manor

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Daisy and I were to the manor born last Saturday when we went to the Dog Days celebration at Long Island's Westbury Gardens.  The estate opens it's doors to canines twice a year and on those days visitors can compete in contests, check out dog rescue booths and roam the gardens freely with their four-legged friends.

Unlike last year, Daisy and I had to bundle up against the cold since winter hasn't taken a look at the calendar yet.  Daisy wore her pink, yellow and gray argyle sweater and since she looked quite fetching I entered her in the best dressed contest.  As we paraded around in front of the judges I checked out the competition and wasn't impressed.  There was a shaggy little black dog wearing a red and white Christmas sweater---didn't anybody tell that dog's owner she's a season behind?  There was a poodle with a fancy collar---big deal.  Finally there was a tiny white Pekinese wearing a studded denim jacket---garish much?  A couple of other nondescript pooches rounded out the field and I was confident we were headed for a win.

As we halted in front of the judges, Daisy decided sniffing Img_0408_2goose poop was more important than winning some stupid stuffed toy, so I nudged her gently when the judges looked our way, forcing her to give them a good look at the total package on display.

Finally the announcement:  The winner is...the white Pekinese in the studded denim jacket.  What?  What a fix.

The Pekinese owner jumped up and down clapping her hands and then gleefully accepted the stupid first place toy.  Daisy didn't mind one way or the other but I was highly indignant.  I was all set to protest except my little senior citizen was now sniffing around the legs of a giant German Shepherd and since she has a tendency to try and take on dogs bigger than she is, it was time to get out of there.  Later away from the crooked judges hearing, two women came over and said they felt Daisy should have won easily.  Feeling somewhat vindicated I grasped Daisy's leash and we headed in the direction of the gardens.

We spent the next hour and a half briskly walking around the slowly awakening grounds, enjoying the solitude and freedom to roam where we wanted.Dsc00117_2

Although I brought my camera with me, I'd only taken three pictures when the battery died and of course I didn't have a spare.  So all the pictures here except the one of Daisy in her sweater are from April 2006.  In the fall, I expect to have a spare battery pack and a whole new set of judges.


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