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March 04, 2007

Oprah Winfrey Is A Goddess

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Oprah Winfrey is a Goddess.

I've thought so for years and now I just need to put it out there.  How else do you describe a woman who is using her money and influence and considerable charisma to literally change the face of the world for the good?  Her belief in education as the savior of every disadvantaged child is something I've always strongly believed in and to see her put it to such important use makes me so proud of this incredible, powerful, wonderful black woman.

I just saw the ABC-TV special "Building A Dream" about Oprah's school for girls in South Africa and I was beyond moved.  I was inspired and humbled and drained from crying so much.  The stories of those girls who have so little should be required viewing for every school age kid in this country.

As much as all of us bitch and moan about our petty little day to day inconveniences, we need to be reminded of how truly hard it is for so many people, especially children, in other parts of the world to live their lives.  The kids in this country who are so quick to complain about having to go to school, or their iPods or their clothes or their televisions or their computers, need to be reminded that there are people in the world, even in this country who will never, ever, come close to having the luxury of such complaints.

The girls in the special are so wonderful and beautiful and eager to learn, they should be an inspiration to anyone who believes that hope is lost for the human race.  Those girls always had hope and heart, and now because of Oprah, they have a chance.  What an incredible way to spend your time and your energy and your money.  What an incredible investment in the future.  I want to see these girls, 10, 20 or 30 years from now, and see how they'll contribute to the world, because I think those contributions will be substantial.

For today, I'm thanking my lucky stars that I am healthy and educated and connected to wonderful family and friends.  I don't always feel that way, because sometimes the loneliness of the single life can be very tough.  However I'm going to try to remember those girls when things are at their worst.

You can read all about the school and the girls on Oprah.com:  website of The Goddess.


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